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Generic Levitra is an erectile dysfunction medication that helps you get hard erection while having sex. There are 3 doses of Levitra 5 mg, 10 mg and 20 mg. 10 mg is the standard dose of Levitra which works for most of the men and has a lower risk of side effects than higher strength counterpart. Do not take more than you have been prescribed.

Levitra tablets are popularly known as Vardenafil and emerged useful for curing male erectile dysfunction. Male erectile dysfunction or ED can be explained as the failure in maintaining an erection strong enough to have sexual intercourse. In other words, it is also called impotence.

However, this term is generally avoided these days. Men may witness irregular ED as a result of stress. But, if it takes place regularly, it should be a cause of concern. It may be an indication of some health issues that require swift attention and treatment.

What are generic Levitra Tablets?

Vardenafil Hydrochloride comes under the category of drugs commonly known as phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitors. We offer it by the generic name Levitra. The tablet has emerged quite safe and effective for curing Erectile Dysfunction. The main purpose of Levitra is to relax muscles in the walls of blood vessels and boost the flow of blood to specific areas of the body.

How does Vardenafil work?

Vardenafil provided by us can significantly relax the arteries and boost the flow of blood when a male becomes sexually aroused. The presence of the active ingredient in Vardenafil carries out work on the chain of reaction inside the penis during the period of arousal. It is worth noting that when penis erection takes place, it experiences a flow of blood.

The blood vessels that provide blood to the penis tend to expand or dilate, and vessels that take away blood from the penis tend to contract. The two big chambers in the penis, also known as corpus cavernosa, get filled with blood. The moment blood starts accumulating in, and an erection takes place.

Earlier specified Vardenafil falls under the drug category known as PDE5 inhibitors. PDE5 inhibitors can significantly prevent PDE5 from tightening the arteries.

When a male witnesses sexual arousal, nitric oxide will be released into his penis, leading to a chain of reactions. It consequently leads the guanylate cyclase enzyme to create cyclic guanosine monophosphate or cGMP. The role of cGMP is to control the tightening and expansion of blood vessels that supply blood to and from the penis.

The chemical reaction makes the vessel that supplies blood to the penis expand, and the vessel that eliminates blood from the penis contract. PDE5 will help in destroying cGMP. And, when cGMP is destroyed, the blood vessel will come back to normal size, thus ending the erection.

The role of Vardenafil is to halt PDE5 from destroying cGMP. This manner lets cGMP work for a longer duration, thus prolonging the erection period among males.

How to use Levitra?

We recommend a process to use Levitra tablets. Levitra tablets can ideally be consumed with or without food. The Levitra tablets provided by our website should only be consumed whenever required. It may be 60 minutes before the sexual act.

Levitra tablets provided by us will help achieve a sexual erection as and when sexual stimulation occurs. The erection should not last for a prolonged period as it may harm the penis. Also, one should store the Levitra tablets at room temperature.

Can Vardenafil treat all forms of ED?

These days several males have been suffering from erectile dysfunction issues. ED has become a complicated situation with various causes that may include ineffective circulation, anxiety, nervous dysfunction, imbalance in hormones, and depression.

PDE5 inhibitors, as well as Vardenafil, have become a highly effective cure for tackling ED at a time when physical causes are doubted. For instance, Vardenafil may remain useful in case poor circulation is connected to diabetes or cardiovascular disease is triggering ED.

What are the benefits of Levitra?

It is important to note that there are potential benefits of Levitra. There is a strong first-time success. According to recent research, it has been claimed that the first dose effectiveness has been described as the most significant cure attribute along with the speed of action. There have been reports that 74 percent of ED patients accomplish complete sexual intercourse with the first dose of Levitra tablet. Research suggests that the effect of Levitra lasts for nearly 5 to 7 hours. On the other hand, Sildenafil effects last for 4 to 6 hours. And, Avanafil effects last for about 5 hours.

Levitra dosage

We offer Levitra in 2.5 mg, 5 mg, 10 mg, and 20 mg. The first dose should be ideally 10 mg. The 10 mg dose of Vardenafil will be equal to the 50 mg dose of Viagra. The main reason behind this is that the chemical composition of Vardenafil remains different from Viagra. As earlier specified, Vardenafil will produce the best result 60 minutes before the sexual activity.

And, the effects of Vardenafil will last for at least a 5 hours period. We recommend that the users may take one tablet every 24 hours for optimum results. The medicine may not yield fruitful results unless and until the male is sexually aroused. Therefore, foreplay will also play an important role and necessary for males.

Males should stay away from consuming alcohol when Vardenafil is consumed as it may diminish the possibility of accomplishing an erection. Additionally, alcohol consumption may also cause adverse impacts. For males above 65 years of age and above, the initial dose should be 5 mg a day and should be taken at least 60 minutes before the sexual act.

How long does Vardenafil last?

It is worth mentioning that the effects of Vardenafil may last for nearly 4 to 5 hours. Levitra is ideally taken whenever it is required and ideally 60 minutes before the sexual activity. The medication can significantly help males achieve an erection as and when the sexual stimulation takes place.

What are the side effects of Levitra?

Users of Levitra may face some kind of side effects. Interactions may take place when the Levitra tablet is consumed, just like any other tablet. Reports suggest that one in 10 males may face some headache issues. The other side effects may include reddening, giddiness, upset tummy, runny nose, etc. In large cases, such side effects may go away in just a matter of a few hours.

Meanwhile, users may experience some serious side effects that may include sudden loss of hearing, inconsistent heartbeat, swelling in the ankle areas, feet, hands, breathing problems, and chest pain. If users face such side effects, we advise them to stop the consumption of Levitra immediately.

However, users may rarely encounter an allergic reaction to the consumption of Levitra. Users may also experience side effects such as face swelling, tongue swelling, throat swelling, hives, or breathing problems. Such issues must be dealt with medically.

Here are some other side effects that may include Priapism. It is an extremely sporadic side effect. It implies that when an erection stays for more than four hours. It may cause damage to the penis. If an erection lasts for such a long duration, it is ideal to seek medical help.

Sometimes users may experience visual problems too. Such visual issues may take place when blood pressure drops to the eyes' area. Users may view a blue color or have issues distinguishing between green color and blue color.

However, users will very less likely witness abrupt worsening in vision in both or just one eye. It may point out a heart condition, an ongoing eye issue, diabetes, or high cholesterol issues. Meanwhile, if there is an abrupt vision loss, users must instantly stop consumption of the Levitra tablet.

Vision issues largely occur among patients with existing heart or coronary artery issues, diabetes, or high cholesterol. Also, vision issues are more likely to happen to users who are more than 50 years of age and smoking.

Users may also experience some side effects if Vardenafil is consumed with other drugs, which may be a serious situation. The likely reactions may be giddiness, collapsing, or a serious fall in blood pressure or hypertension. There might be a risk of stroke as well and heart attack.

We advise that users of Levitra should avoid consuming nitrate drugs. If patients are already taking some nitrate drugs for heart issues, Levitra must not be taken. It must not be consumed with some other recreational drugs like butyl nitrate. There are several drugs available that may interact with Levitra. It may include antifungal medicines, medicines for prostate issues, medicines for HIV and AIDS.

It is worth mentioning that grapefruit juice must be avoided when patients are taking Levitra.

Patients must disclose their medical practitioner if they have been suffering from Peyronie's disease, arrhythmia issues, QT syndrome, hearing issues, bleeding issues or hemophilia, liver or kidney issues, stomach ulcers, and injury eye's retina.

Where can I buy Levitra tablets online in the UK?

Patients can purchase Levitra UK tablets online by shelling out just £24.00 for a 10 mg tablet. The cost of a 5 mg Levitra online tablet will be £18, and the cost of a 20 mg tablet will be £28. There are several leading pharmacies available online from where the Levitra online can be bought. The pharmacy offering Levitra UK must follow specific guidelines to ensure maximum safety to the patients. The pharmacies must be reliable.

The genuine Levitra tablets online UK pharmacies available will always highlight the contact details like the phone number and address. It will prove the pharmacies authenticity. If the Levitra tablets online UK pharmacy lacks such details, one will doubt its credibility. Buy Levitra tablets online from the comfort of home. Users will not have to move anywhere while purchasing Levitra online UK. Many individuals purchase Levitra tablets online UK at cost-effective prices.

Is Cialis stronger than Levitra?

Levitra and Cialis both yield equally effective results. Both the tablets have emerged quite useful in curing ED issues among males. According to research available, Cialis is stronger than Levitra. Cialis stays in the body for nearly 17 hours, thus helping users with their erection during this time frame. However, Levitra UK and Cialis work equally effectively, and there are no specific studies that have compared them against each other.

Meanwhile, Cialis has produced more satisfactory results when compared with Levitra UK. According to some analysis, active ingredients in Cialis have been discovered most effective for curing ED. A recent observational study pointed out that there has been stronger effectiveness and satisfaction with Cialis when it was compared with Levitra and Viagra. Meanwhile, one advantage that Levitra has is that it will less likely lead to rare visual side effects.

Can I take Levitra and other ED tablets at the same time?

Levitra may interact with some specific medications and may lead to potentially dangerous Levitra side effects. One should always avoid some medications with PDE5 inhibitors. However, the other doses may be taken together with the Levitra medicine but in reduced doses. It is important to note that One should not consume Levitra if users are taking any other PDE5 inhibitors, nitrates, medicines containing nitrates, antifungal treatment medicines, alpha-blockers for curing prostate, HIV, and AIDS medicines, medicines for autoimmune conditions, and chemotherapy medicines, etc. Keep these points in mind to avoid the Levitra tablet's side effects.

How long does Levitra work, and how frequently can I take it?

One must not take Levitra more than one tablet a day. The dose of Levitra medicine should be at least 24 hours apart. Some males may take a lesser dose of Levitra as a result of some medical condition or medicines that users are already taking. If the male is 65 years or above, one may take the dose of Levitra in less quantity.

If patients experience prostate issues, high BP, we suggest a lower dose of Levitra may be taken. If users are taking some other medicine, we suggest that a lesser dose may be taken, that may be 1 dose in 72 hours. Levitra dose should be taken at least 1 hour before the sexual act so that one can experience maximum results.

The effect of Levitra medicines usually lasts for 4 hours to 5 hours. For some users, Levitra may start working even quicker. Buy Levitra from a leading pharmacy and follow all guidelines. Individuals now prefer to buy Levitra tablets UK.

Can I drink alcohol with Levitra?

Males who took the first dose of an ED medication stayed away from consuming alcohol. However, over the years, things underwent some changes. And, now, many ED medications are consumed with alcohol. Ideally, Levitra has emerged quite safe to consume with alcohol. Studies have pointed out that there were no potential health impacts caused by Levitra when consumed with alcohol.

But, ED drugs may still cause some problems when used with a huge amount of alcohol. Therefore, users must take only a few drinks when taking Levitra. For some individuals, alcohol may enhance the amount of Levitra in the body. It may lead to enhanced side effects of Levitra. Another reason to stay away from consuming alcohol while taking Levitra is that alcohol has emerged as an issue with males suffering from ED.

Is it possible to consume Levitra with other prescription medicines?

Levitra may cause an interaction when it is taken with other prescription medicines. There might be interactions that may range from being severe, serious, to moderate. One should avoid Levitra with other medicines. The medication may also cause some risk when taken together with other medicines. So buy Levitra keeping these points in mind.

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