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Though Viagra got approved in 1998 for men to have a satisfying sex life, only in 2015, similar drug flibanserin Addyi got approved for women. This powerful pink pill is like the iconic blue pill or Viagra to give the woman's sexual arousal for having a happy sex life again. In this stressful world, women have more burden of working and raising children than men, leading to losing sexual interest soon. Because of chronic ailments like diabetes, MS, or multiple sclerosis, many women lose sex drive. It is the FSAID or female sexual interest/arousal disorder for many premenopausal women that reduce their sex drive. But with our Addyi medication, there are no more worries for women to lose sex drive. We supply Addyi 100 mg tablets to raise the sexual arousal to have sexual pleasure and satisfy their partners. Buying our Addyi tablets online at an affordable cost will bring happiness back to millions of homes is not the only UK but worldwide.

What are ADDYI (add-ee) (flibanserin) Tablets?

Addyi is the brand name for the generic flibanserin medicines. The Addyyi female Viagra is an MSAA or multifunctional serotonin agonist and antagonist to treat HSDD or hypoactive sexual desire disorder of premenopausal women. The FDA or the Food and Drug Administration, a prestigious American drug regulatory for safe use for sexual arousal for women, approves it. Our Addyi medication is the best treatment for the over 10% of women affected by FSIAD to have a happy sex life again. Buy Addyi online UK to get back those sexual fantasies to satisfy partners for leading a happy life.

How does Addyi work?

Addyi is the powerful pink pill that women love to buy to have the sexual arousal for satisfying their partners. But it is not without challenges for proving its effectiveness and how Addyi works. FDA approved the drug for sexual arousal among women. After three phases III clinical trials lasting over 24 weeks, the FDA evaluated Addyi's efficiency to approve it.

Addyi works to arouse sexual drive among women proved from these phase III clinical trials beyond doubt. Flibanserin regularly raises the dopamine and norepinephrine in the body and decreases the levels of Serotonin. For sexual excitement, both dopamine and norepinephrine play a vital role in boosting sexual desire and arousal. Also, reducing serotonin levels in the brain, which restrains sexual function, indirectly increases sexual function. Hence, by increasing sexual desire and decreasing the restraint for sexual function, Addyi medication is now the hot favorite among women. Buy flibanserin Addyi from us to have the best effects of increasing dopamine and norepinephrine for having a satisfying sex life.

Why is Addyi the #1 prescribed treatment for HSDD?

Without a doubt, Addyi is the #1 prescribed treatment for HSDD, as it has FDA approval after many clinical phase III trials for many years. HSDD or hypoactive sexual desire disorder is common in today's women because of their stress every day. Most of the women after a few years after marriage suffer from this disorder for many reasons. They take care of their kids, from their food needs to education and wellbeing. Also, many of them work to support the family in these tight financial situations. All of it makes them tired and preoccupied with more work and thoughts for the next day and future to lose interest in sex. Hence there is no sex drive for most of them, like during their young age, as they are more preoccupied with their responsibilities.

Our magical pink pill Addyi 100 mg tablets come into play during these circumstances to give back these women their much-needed sexual desire. Its unique function of raising the hormones like dopamine and norepinephrine to increase sexual arousal brings back the sexual fantasies for women to have a happy sex life. Also, reducing the serotonin hormone stops its action to restrain the sexual function for women to satisfy their partners to have a happy life. Hence our Addyi is the numero uno or number one or #1 tablets for women with HSDD, among other issues.

What are the ADDYI Tablets Dosage and Administration?

The right Addyi dosage is Addyi 100mg tablets once daily at bedtime. Taking it for a few weeks will help to increase the dopamine and norepinephrine hormones continuously for increasing sexual desire. Also, it reduces the serotonin levels for stopping the sexual function restraining to enhance it for having a happy sex life. Buy our Addyi tablets online for taking it regularly for increasing the hormones and the sexual arousal for keeping the partners happy with fulfilled sexual experience to lead a happy life.

It is easy to administer our Addyi tablets by taking them along with water before bedtime regularly. We supply Addyi 100mg tablets for anyone anytime to continuously have enough stock to enhance sexual desires. Buy Addyi Online UK now to have the best effects of flibanserin Addyi effects for a happy life.

Is Addyi safe?

Only because of Addyi being safe, FDA approved it in 2015 for stimulating sexual arousal among women. And that it got approval only after many years of over three clinical trials involving thousands of patients. Even many of its side effects because of its interactions with other medicines were clinically checked for a long time. After concluding it is harmless and effective for increasing the hormones for sexual arousal, it got the FDA approval. And for over five years now, millions of women worldwide take Addyi 100 mg tablets and have a safe and happy sex life. Buy our Addyi tablets online now at cheap costs to have the same safe sex life with no side effects.

What are the possible side effects of ADDYI?

There are a few possible side effects of Addyi like any other medicines. But it is only after years of many clinical trials checking its side effects that the FDA approved it in 2015. Taking Addyi tablets for the first time may have some Addyi side effects, which are mostly not harmful and could reduce within a short time and may not occur the next time of taking Addyi medication. But when it interacts with certain medications, alcohol, and others, it may have side effects. There are a few mild and severe side effects, and it is advisable to see the doctor if these side effects persist.

The most common mild Addyi side effects were dizziness, sleepiness, nausea, tiredness, fatigue, etc. But the FDA, during its clinical trials, checked the driving capabilities of women the next day of taking Addyi medication and found it to be normal.

  • The most severe Addyi side effects were because it has taken along with alcohol or other medications that include
  • Fainting or losing consciousness because of hypotension or lowering of blood pressure for people suffering from liver disease
  • People who have HIV or take moderate to strong CYP3A4 inhibitors like antibiotics and antifungals may have severe Addyi side effects like fainting, rashes among others

Drinking alcohol two hours before taking Addyi medication or until the next morning till its effects are in the body is not advisable. It may cause abdominal pain and constipation, among other Addyi side effects.

Addyi vs. Viagra

Addyi gets commonly referred to as the female Viagra as it enhances the sex life of women like Viagra does for men. But there are many similarities and differences between the two iconic blue and pink pills. Nearly after 17 years of Viagra available for men only, Addyi became available for women for having a happy sex life. The long time was because of the many hurdles Addyi medication faced for approval from the authorities. But now, this wonderful pink pill is the first choice for women stressed from daily responsibilities to have happy sex. Viagra works by preventing the action of the chemical phosphodiesterase type 5 for widening to relax the blood vessels for improving the blood flow to the penis to give and maintain enough erection following sexual stimulation. But Viagra does not provide any sexual stimulation and only provides enough erection and maintains it for happy sex life. The flibanserin Addyi provides sexual stimulation, unlike Viagra, by increasing the hormones dopamine and norepinephrine. Also, it increases sexual function by reducing the serotonin levels that hinder it. Buy our Addyi tablets to have the best effects of it for having excellent stimulation in a short time to have a happy sex life.

Buy Addyi Tablets Online at Cheap Price

Buy Addyi tablets online at a low price with us to have all the benefits of flibanserin Addyi. Known as Addyi female Viagra, it is the best medicine for HSDD and FSAID issues for women to have a happy sex life. We sell Addyi UK cheaply but with no compromise in the quality of the flibanserin ingredient to increase the dopamine and norepinephrine for having enough sexual stimulation. Buy Addyi UK online with us even under stressful situations to have enough sexual desire to satisfy the partners for a happy life.

How long does Addyi take to work?

Many studies confirm Addyi work from two to four weeks to have enough sexual arousal to have a happy sex life. Since women have to take it daily, buy Addyi UK to have the sexual desire within a few weeks with no doubt. Our Addyi UK supply and order online even without prescriptions help women for a long time to have earned their trust to be the best suppliers of Addyi UK.

Who should not take ADDYI?

Addyi is suitable for all premenopausal women and even for some postmenopausal women for having sexual stimulation for a happy life. But a few women should not take Addyi because it may cause some mild to serious side effects, and while persisting is advisable to avoid it. A few women who should not take Addyi include.

  • Women suffering from liver diseases as it may cause hypotension
  • Women taking CYP3A4 inhibitors like antibiotics, antifungals, HIV medications, and grapefruit juice
  • Women drinking alcohol before two hours of taking Addyi at bedtime until the morning
  • Women taking medicines for hypertension, depression, liver damage, hepatitis C, among others

What is the most important information I should know about ADDYI?

The most important information for you to know about Addyi is that it is approved by the FDA, the US's prestigious food and drug administration authority. The next is it is safe even after many clinical phase III trials, even with few side effects. Above all, the important information is that you can buy Addyi online UK to benefit from safe and happy sex life.

Challenges to get FDA approval and its benefits

It is not without challenges that FDA approved flibanserin Addyi. For years there were many challenges and clinical trials that Addyi had to face for approval. Thousands and thousands of women with FSA ID, HSDD, and placebo underwent these clinical trials to test its efficacy. Also, the side effects of taking it with other medicines, alcohol, and others were done and only proven safe. It got the FDA approval. Buy Addyi UK online with us to get all the benefits of safe sexual stimulation medicine at affordable costs.

Will Addyi interfere with my ability to say 'no' to sex?

Without a doubt, the answer is 'no.' Since Addyi UK only stimulates the natural sex desire, you may still have the righteous judgment of saying no to sex even with having Addyi.

Will Addyi work for older women and postmenopausal women?

Though mostly Addyi works well for premenopausal women, it is not true that it does not work for older women and postmenopausal women. A 2013 study conducted by the George Washington University researchers with 950 postmenopausal women with HSDD found Addyi improved sexual desire for most of them. Hence Addyi works for older and even postmenopausal women for having sex to lead a happy life.

How does ADDYI improve sexual function?

By reducing serotonin levels, Addyi improves sexual function. It is because Serotonin stops sexual function. Buy Addyi UK online from us to improve sexual function and stimulate sexual desire by increasing dopamine and norepinephrine. Taking our Addyi 100mg tablets will increase these hormone levels for having enough sexual arousal even at stressful times to satisfy partners for having a happy life.

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