Erectile Dysfunction & Diabetes

Erectile Dysfunction & Diabetes
  • Posted On: Aug 31, 2021
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Diabetes and erectile dysfunction are thick as thieves to be close enough to affect men worldwide.

Though many know that erectile dysfunction could be the first stage of heart ailments, many want to know about diabetes causing erectile dysfunction. If you are one of them, you are in the correct place to know all about it. First, check how diabetes increases the chances of erectile dysfunction and controls it to have a happy sexual life.

Stats Confirming Diabetes To Cause Erectile Dysfunction

Many studies have shown alarming facts about diabetes as one of the significant causes for erectile dysfunction issues. The percentage of men with diabetes experiencing ED ranges from 35 to 75%. Or in other words, nearly three-fourths of men with diabetes are prone to have ED issues. Also, men with the tendency to have erectile dysfunction have it earlier, from 10 to 15 years, if they have diabetes. Moreover, diabetic men have more chances of having ED problems as they age, with 95% chances for those above 70. These statistics confirm that diabetics and erectile dysfunction are hands in glove, and diabetic men must be more careful to continue their happy sexual lives.

Why Do Diabetic Men Have Erectile Dysfunction?

Though diabetes and erectile dysfunction are two different health conditions, many studies confirm they are hand in hand, affecting men worldwide. The exact cause of diabetic men having erectile dysfunction is also complex. Since diabetic men have more sugar in their blood, there are more impaired blood vessels, nerves, and improper muscle function. Hence, there will be poor blood circulation for people with diabetes to not send enough blood flow to the penis for having a firm erection. Also, there is blood flow limitation to not giving enough erection for sexual intercourse with the damaged nerves. In addition, uncontrolled diabetes may cause kidney damage, altering the body's hormones, including those involved in sexual response. Hence, men with normal male hormones and libido or sexual drive will not have enough erection. And the only way is to take ED drugs to enable blood flow to the penis to give enough erection.

Diabetes Types & Erectile Dysfunction

There are two types of diabetes: Type 1, common among 10 % of diabetics, and Type 2, which is more prevalent with 90%. With erectile dysfunction affecting nearly 75% of type 2 diabetes, millions of men have the problem as early as 2014, WHO confirmed the number of people with diabetes to reach 422 from 108 million in 1980. Apart from causing over 1.5 million deaths in 2019, type 2 diabetes is also causing ED issues among millions of men worldwide. The primary reason for type 2 diabetes is the impairment in the body to regulate and use sugar consumed in various forms. Hence to reduce the ED issues for diabetics, they need to reduce their blood sugar levels.

The Treatments For Diabetic Men With ED Issues

Though there are many treatments for diabetes for erectile dysfunction, there are only a few drugs available.

And also, they are available only for the past two decades since the accidental invention of Sildenafil tablets 150 mg in 1998. It has become one of the topmost treatments for reversing erectile dysfunction issues. There are also similar others like Generic Vardenafil tablets, Tadalafil, Avanafil, among others that treat ED issues in the last few years. These generic medicines are available in many brand names worldwide to give an enormous relief for millions of men with ED issues because of diabetes or otherwise. The other treatment is to increase the low testosterone levels in the body to increase interest in sex, increase body mass, and not feeling depressed. The link between diabetes and ED causes heart ailments to make the issue more complex. Hence, treating the ED issues with the right drug only will help have a happy sexual life.

The Risk Factors For Erectile Dysfunction And Diabetes

Since nearly three-fourths of diabetic men have more chances to suffer from erectile dysfunction issues, you need to know the many risk factors common to both the conditions and include.

  • Not controlling the blood sugar levels with diet, exercise, or drugs.
  • Eat improper food to raise the blood sugar levels and not eat nutritious food to stay healthy for erectile dysfunction.
  • Are always stressed or having anxiety or depression because of the many pressing problems daily in personal and professional life
  • Not active enough to have less physical activity to become obese for becoming diabetic sooner than later also to have ED issues
  • Not controlling the blood pressure levels to have hypertension to cause not only heart ailments but also diabetes and ED issues.
  • Smoke continuously or rarely causes most ailments, heart ailments, and ED as it blocks the blood flow by weakening the blood vessels.
  • Excess drinking of alcohol damage the nerves beyond repair to accelerate the ED issues not to perform sexual activities
  • Not doing enough exercises to increase cholesterol and have an abnormal lipid profile to cause diabetes, heart ailments, and ED issues.
  • Take legal and illegal drugs that cause many side effects, including diabetes and ED, along with many other physical and mental issues.

The Ways To Control ED & Diabetes

Knowing the risk factors for ED & diabetes and the drugs to treat ED, it is time to control both together to have a happy life. Some of the ways to do it include.

  • Essential to keep the blood sugar and pressure levels regular with proper diet and medications not to increase the risk of ED issues
  • Stop smoking entirely, reducing alcohol intake, and avoiding any drugs that may cause ED issues.
  • Eating right and being active with enough exercise keeps the body healthy and the mind fresh to be free of any anxiety or stress.

The above facts will help you know the link between diabetes and erectile dysfunction to be safe to avoid them and live a happy life.

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