5 Simple and Effective Ways to Maintain a Healthy Sexual Life

5 Simple and Effective Ways to Maintain a Healthy Sexual Life
  • Posted On: Jan 05, 2021
  • By: Admin

Like air, water, and meal, sex is an essential part of a human’s life. It helps a person build a strong bond with his/her spouse, save married life, feel better, increase immunity, and lower stress levels. For a married couple like you, maintaining a healthy sexual life is crucial if you want to have all these benefits of sex. You may ask how to do it.

For you, here are some effective ways that will help you maintain a healthy sexual life:

1. Maintain good health

Your sex life depends a lot on how healthy you are. You need to be physically, mentally, and emotionally fit for enjoying sex with your spouse. To have better physical, mental, and emotional health, you need to take utmost care of what you do in a day or throughout a season/year. You should avoid smoking and drinking as for as possible. Have a balanced diet, enriched with all nutrients. Exercise at least for 30 minutes a day and 5 days a week. Go for a morning walk or jogging for 30-45 minutes if you can’t do workouts of high intensity. Meditate for 5-10 minutes.

2. Talk to your partner

For a healthy sexual life, both of you are equally responsible. If both of you have any issue in your sexual relationship, you should discuss with each other. Get the right time to talk to your spouse and start your talk on what you are experiencing. In the talk, you should avoid criticizing your partner and focus on finding the problem and how to sort out it. Be honest to each other and talk openly about your wishes, desires, and fantasies you want to have in your sex life.

3. Opt for sex therapy

Life is complicated for all of us. Sometimes, we get the things in our life even we don’t want to have in our lives. In your life too, you have several ups & downs. Those ups & downs or bad habits of childhood might impact you. Your illness or long-term medications can affect your sexual desires. If you feel you have a lack of interest in sex or you don’t get attracted to your spouse’s body, you should opt for sex therapy. On your therapist’s or your own feelings, you can opt for sexual medicines such as Viagra, Sildenafil, or Kamagra 100 mg tablets. Taking such medicines will trigger sexual desires in you and you will get ready for having intercourse with your spouse.

4. Apply self-help strategies

In general, sex is taboo. No one talks openly about it. So, you have to help yourself in maintaining a healthy sex life. First of all, you should educate yourself. Get the right materials in the form of books, journals, and allied things in self-education on sex. Hand over these materials to your partner too if you are shy and don’t want to talk about it openly.

5. Build emotional attachment

Sex doesn’t mean only getting in an action and have a physical relationship with your partner. You should have attraction, affection, and softness before being active. To have a better sex life, you should focus on foreplay, which includes hugging, touching, kissing, and rubbing. Apart from bedtime, you should touch, hug, and kiss each other whenever you get an opportunity. Frequent touching, hugging, and kissing will bring both of you together and arouse you enough for the real play.


A healthy sexual life depends on a lot of factors such as your eating, drinking, and other daily works. You can have it by maintaining good health, talking to each other, building emotional contact, applying self-care strategies, and opting for sex therapy.

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