What is erectile dysfunction and how to get over it?

What is erectile dysfunction and how to get over it?
  • Posted On: Jan 15, 2021
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Life is full of several things from happiness and enjoyment to health issues and sadness. After childhood, a person comes across several topics such as study, job, marriage, and married life in and around himself and try to get answers to all his queries when he starts comprehending the world around him. In his world, he also comes across sexual issues. He starts finding the right answers to queries like what is erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction is a sexual health problem. A man with it is unable to have enough erection in his genital organ and keep the erection maintained for having sex with his partner. Having no erection from time to time is not necessary for a concern. Many men experience ED when they are stressed or going through any physical or psychological health issue. However, you need to get into an action if you face it frequently. Your ignorance to it can lead you to making your partner unsatisfied and breakup from your spouse. So, you need to get over it.

How to get rid of erectile dysfunction (ED)

After knowing what erectile dysfunction is, you must make all the efforts to get rid of it. For your help, here are some effective steps:

1. Be familiar with the symptoms

A health issue has signs. These signs indicate that you have come into the threat of a particular issue. Similarly, erectile dysfunction shows some signs, and knowing those symptoms can help you get rid of it. When you suffer from ED, you face difficulty in making your penis erect, are unable to maintain the attained erection, and you lose your interest in sex. Further, you may have experience like premature ejaculation.

2. Know the causes of ED

Knowing the causes of erectile dysfunction can help you be prepared and take the requisite action. It occurs to you at any stage of erection. Low blood flow, heart diseases, obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, hypertension, low testosterone level, kidney problem, aging, anxiety, and stress, are the ones that cause you to have ED. Further, depression, sleep disorders, drinking, smoking, damage to the pelvic area, and certain medications can cause you to have it.

3. Opt for a sex therapy

Having a consultation with the respective expert is an ideal solution to a health issue. And when it comes to treating sexual issues, there is nothing better than sex therapy. A sexologist does a physical examination and recommends a few tests after talking to you. The expert can prescribe you a few exercises such as Kegel exercise and medicines such as Viagra and Kamagra.

4. Change your lifestyle

Your lifestyle has a pivotal role in your well-being. It influences your health a lot. To get over of ED, you need to make a few changes in your lifestyle. First of all, you must stop having alcoholic drinks and smoking if you do. Control it if you can’t leave smoking and drinking. Include Kegel exercises and other workouts in your daily regime. Pay attention to your diet and ensure that it has all the nutrients. Try to get organic or self-grown foods.


As a sexual disorder, erectile dysfunction is worse for your family and sex life. From educating yourself to getting a sex therapy, you should take all the possible steps to cure it and make your married life better.

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